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Many times, revenge is warranted. It is not up to me to judge why you seek revenge. However, keep in mind that I will have no part in physically hurting anyone.

If someone has done you wrong and you wish to make their life miserable, I can help. I will target what will make them the most unhappy, and make their worst fears come true.

This spell is not to be taken lightly, but if you are sure that you want this person to suffer, read on:

--> WHAT I WILL DO:  I will cast the revenge spell on one target for you, and cast followup spells to complete the process.

--> WHAT YOU WILL DO:  You will spend 5 minutes every day in a relaxing position, and think on your situation, and how you want it to change. You will also agree to pay for my services once your situation improves ($425) and do at least one selfless good deed per week for 3 months to balance out the negativity caused by this spell. 

When you are ready to begin, fill out the form below:

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You agree to pay the balance of your spell once you begin to see the results of the Spellwork. If you do not agree, I will be unable to perform your Spellwork.

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My relationship was being messed up by my girls ex, he wouldnt leave her alone. Marcus got rid of that trash without me having to lift a finger against him.

-- Justin